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Saturday, June 12, 2010


(in this poem .. an young widow lonely lady's pain .. heartiest feelings ... stress is exploring with great intensity.)

how can it's done , you are not near to me ?
how can I think it, you will never come to me?

how can I believe that, you won't give support to me?
where are you; listen to me,
please come here, and ask me,
how I pass these days, without the sprit of me.

Only some days are passed, when you married with me.
You asked me, " you are mine,
I would always live with you,
I would love you forever,
I would never hurt you,

you are my friend, you are my aim,
you are the cause of my life".

Now, O, my dear tell me,
how can I forget you, how can I live without you?

O! my God, forgive me ,
where's my soul? Give back to me.

You loved me more and more,
why you loved country more than me?
How can I accept it, you choosed country except me?

O! my owner look at me, you don't feel mercy on me?
O! Can somebody tell me ,what's address of He?
O! My husband remind me,

I am alone, please come to me.
I am nothing without you,
you are everything to me.

O! My love come to me.
O! My life come to me.

* * * * * NEHA SINGH '' BITIYA ''



Simply amazing......
I am mesmerized......I am wordless now.....I was never come to known that Neha is so intelligent and meaningful writer....!
This poem is full of emotions .How a young lady think about her husband, who has gone for fighting for his country.

Waiting for ur next creation

pankaj said...

magnificent piece of writing .. now we are waiting for your next poem . congrat's bitiya.

सत्यम न्यूज़ said...
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सत्यम न्यूज़ said...

Nice poem. Keep writing. ''SINGH SADAN'' is expected from you. So Keep it up. The poem written by you put your talent in front of everyone. Blessings

Anonymous said...

Truly beautiful poetry.'m Impressed. bade bhaiya is written correctly. You deserve.priya

psingh said...

lovly poem ...........bitiya
thanks for writing